Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everything Revolves Around Food

This weekend was a rare getaway for my husband and I. No kids. We stayed in Coronado for 2 nights at the Loew's Coronado Bay Resort. My husband and very different tastes when it comes to hobbies. He enjoys long distance cycling; I like to shop. Very different. However food is really what brings us together. That's probably why we eat out so much. Ah revelation. And we did just that this weekend. In the next couple blog posts, I'm going to be sharing our food excursions with you. Too much for one post.

Here we go. When we arrived in Coronado around noon on Saturday, lunch was priority. We parked and walked. Boring little deli's, Panera Bread, a diner and a Mexican restaurant. And then there was Leroy's. It had just opened last Tuesday and it just drew us right in; with clean modern lines mixed with old exposed wood and a menu that looked incredibly interesting. The concept is farm to table, local food. Yes please.

Sliders are sliders, but these scallop sliders were on Hawaiian bread rolls. A little sweet with the Napa slaw and a Harissa aoli. Oh and the truffle fries. Truly the best truffle fries I've had.

My dish was the Mussels that had fresh roasted roma tomatoes and a slightly spicy sausage. There was enough juice to dip that toast. That's my favorite thing about eating mussels.  My dish also came with a side of truffle fries. 

Leroy's also had an extensive wine, beer, and cocktail menu. Here's my husband happy with a flight of Belgium's. The only regret I have about this restaurant is that I didn't get the Naughty Ding Dong for dessert. The perfect start to a fantastic weekend.

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