Tuesday, October 12, 2010

19 Years Married

19 years married. Happy Anniversary to us. That's just amazing to me. Not the fact that we've been married to each other for 19 years, but that we have been married that long. Seems like yesterday that my daughter was born and a week later, not looking or feeling my best, wearing a nursing bra and a big outfit, we went out for a quick romantic dinner to celebrate our 1st anniversary before Emily needed her next feeding. Now she's in college and my son is in high school. Where has the time gone?
But, the best part of an anniversary and especially this one, is dessert. We were surprised by my dear friend Kristin and her wonderful husband Lyle with this anniversary cake that she made for us. Seriously! We are so lucky to have a friend as a baker. Though, known for her cupcakes, I was blown away by this beautiful cake!
And how did Kristin know my favorite flavors? This is a pistachio 3-layer cake filled with apricot gelee' and marzipan. On top is chocolate ganache. Whoa! It was delicious and very much appreciated. Thanks again Kristin!

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