Thursday, April 29, 2010

Custom Pet Portraits - Mixed Media Photo Art

I love the face of the owner when I give them the finished portrait! It's always a huge smile. These pets are so adorable and have been a blast to work with, even if they are only digital images. Today I was featured on Rare Bird Finds. If you want more info on getting a custom portrait of your own. There is more info there.
The portraits are slightly different. This was for a Hawaiian themed room. I added a little flower for the theme.  The colors are chosen by the owners and the font portrays the personality of the pet. These all happen to be dogs, because up until now, that's all the requests have been, but that's not all I can do. Any pet will do!
Griffey passed away last year and this is an homage to him. He was an old guy and he had a mind of his own. He was very loved and he's obviously very missed. I really loved doing this portrait and wanted to make it just perfect.
Little painted details like swirls are fun to add as well. I use dots, so anything that can be done with dots is workable.
And of course I had to do Flick, my dog. He's got his ball here. He's a silly dog and full of energy as his picture and font depicts.

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