Sunday, June 28, 2009

The OC Handmade Brigade Craft Show

I love to shop and I love talking about other peoples stuff. On Saturday I went to the OC Handmade Brigade Craft Fair. That in itself is truly exciting for to have Indie Craft shows in our county is new and exciting; and oh what a showing it was. And I did a little shopping.

I currently have this project going on in my toilet room. You see, it’s empty. When you sit there and forget a magazine you look at nothing. So after 6 years I started to think of how to spruce it up and make it something to look at if the magazine is forgotten. Here’s where my indie art friends come in. So yesterday, Steph Calvert of Hearts and Laserbeams sold us a very funny and suitable bathroom print that my husband chose. I believe this will be the only one of a “going to the bathroom” theme in the bathroom but we love it and we love Steph! Oh I also got a keychain that says “Suck It”! Hee Hee.

As for the rest of the bathroom that will come in another blog post. I will complete this post with the remainder of my fun finds at the Handmade Brigade show

I’ve been sewing lately and I really wanted to have a nice wrist pin cushion by the very talented Polly Danger (love her name). This one is especially cool because the pin cushion part is a pin and comes off and you can pin it to your self if you don’t want it on your wrist for instance. Love the colors.

Knitting is another distraction for me and frustration ensues when following a pattern and thinking I’m somewhere when I’m actually somewhere else on the page. So to save me, I finally purchased some pattern magnets but these are the coolest designed ribbon ones by Slipped Stitch Studios and come in 3 sizes in a pack for only $8. They can also be used for marking recipe books and as bookmarks. I know I will keep them in use constantly!

Aren’t roses lovely? Pretty Paris has an abundance of them in the form of earrings, rings, hair pins, necklaces, you name it. I purchased a pair of earrings for a possible gift. I have to figure out first though if the recipient has pierced ears. Darn. I may have to keep them for myself.

So next is Renegade Craft LA July 11-12. I need to save up my pennies and get more prints….and whatever else.


Steph Calvert said...

OMG pattern magnets are a genius idea!!! i'm gonna have to get me some!

thanks for the hearting of my arting!

Kristin said...

i NEED those pattern magnets! what a great idea! right now i have to have a pen handy so i can mark off when ive already knitted that row.