Friday, May 08, 2009

Adhere Your Man, Or Anyone Else

Here's a little Tutorial for a little fun. I was walking by the TV yesterday and in a glimpse they mentioned that Beyonce wears her man on her fingernail. I thought "and why can't I?" I was on the way to the computer anyways. So I found an image and shrunk it down. You have to play around with image size but you'll find around 30-50 px depending on the nail. and print it out. Cut it out to shape to the nail. Use clear polish under the nail and add a thick coat and apply the image right away as the polish acts like a glue. Hold it down until it sticks. Then apply 1-2 layers of clear polish on top.

I put my man on my nail so I can see him as he works long hours. I thought this would be cute with dogs, or kids too. Play around. Have fun.


lorimarsha said...

You are fun! What a great idea.

KB said...

So cool! I want to do this now.

Unknown said...

love it Shari, that's cute. I'm going to try it with crunchie :)