Monday, March 02, 2009

Getting New Experiences

my son is on the right doing the jump ball

I finished my 'reign' as team mom for my son's basketball team last night. I've never been a team mom before but wanted to do it because my son hasn't been on many local teams and I thought it a great opportunity to meet other parents. Upon starting it was a good choice because most of the parents knew each other through other sports like baseball and football. It put me in the forefront and I had no choice but to get to know the players and parents. So glad I did. The team did great overall and we all had a lot of fun. My son, who is small, but fast always did the 'jump ball' to psych out the other team. It usually worked. Made for many good laughs as well. The coach was fantastic. He taught the kids so much, was motivating, gave equal court time to all players, and was an overall great guy.

I did make a New Years resolution to myself which was to make an effort to make friendships. Although my life is busy and I often put too much on my plate, this time everything worked out and made me really think about finding opportunities to meet people by reaching out and taking on tasks that I normally wouldn't. I recommend you do the same.

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