Friday, December 07, 2007

We have a Beauty Queen


I entered this photo of my girl, Summer in a contest to win a handcrafted pastel dog portrait on Flickr and guess what....she won. Marlena of Smiling Dog Studios does wonderful likenesses of people's doggies from their photos. Please visit her website. Summer has lots of friends that voted for her and she totally appreciates it. I do to! I can't wait to have it hanging on our gallery wall in our entry way. I have a wall of paintings done by my grandmother and also a friend of mine and this one will fit in perfect. It's a special wall and I love that I'll be adding to it.
So Summer thanks her friends, I thank her friends and my family is so thrilled.


textile_fetish said...

I'm glad to hear she won! I was waiting for the update.

WonderMike said...

So incredibly cute!!!!