Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New World Flamenco Festival

So here's my table at the New World Flamenco Festival. We are selling really well and I've even had to go home and scramble to make more jewelry since last weekend was so fabulous. Hot items are the earrings and this year, the dancers really are going for the silk rose barrettes I'm selling. I've had to make 100 since yesterday to keep up. Here's a little taste of the festival in a video they just made this week. (I'm in one frame.)

I've taken more pictures but on a different camera and I don't have the capability yet to upload pictures until I can get to the store and buy a memory card reader. I used my older camera because it takes better indoor pictures. When I get the reader, I'll share more.


AtPlayWithFiber said...

Congrats on a great show!! Can't wait to see pictures.

Anne said...

Wow! Congrats! The show and setup looks very fun.