Monday, July 16, 2007

A Whole Lotta Fun, A Whole Lotta New

When you work really hard, or not, relaxation is very important. I ordered this daybed from West Elm back in April. It was backordered and after a lost truck and a lot of hassle, it has finally arrived. It fits just perfect in the corner of my family room and is a welcome addition for reading and rest.

I had a wonderful opportunity yesterday to help my friend Jennifer of Textile Fetish at her table at Felt Club XL in LA. It was sooo crowded and just hopping with excitement. There were so many talented people and great music playing. I met a lot of people I've recently 'met' or 'known' for a long time on line like Nicole of Queen Puff Puff , Jenifer of Sprout Studio , Jenny of Sew Darn Cute , and many more. My camera didn't like the dim lighting but Jennifer got a lot more pictures and as soon as she gets back home to Texas I'm sure we'll see more.

I've been jamming getting my jewelry ready for the New World Flamenco Festival in August. I've got so many new designs that I've made just for the festival. I can't wait to show them off.

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Anonymous said...

Her booth was fantastic. Looks like Felt Club was fun :)