Sunday, March 11, 2007

Brightening the Day

There are big fires about 5 miles from my home and what should have been a really beautiful day has turned really ugly. It started out with Santa Ana winds which come from the desert bringing warm air. So we're talking 40 mile an hour winds. Top that off with a brush fire that got way out of hand and many homes are now threatened. We have to stay indoors now because the air is so poor. Sad. So to brighten the day, I finally edited the photos of the new jewelry that will hit the website this week. Remember the pink stone I found, here it is. I still have a call out to the shop to find out the name of it. It's highly faceted so it really sparkles. I have these designs in the pink as well as in Tanzanite blue. Can't wait to get them out to the world.


melanie brooks said...

Beautiful work! I love the asymmetry of the necklace...just gorgeous!

Shari said...

Thank you Melanie!