Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Promos

You have to have a little laughter in life. Humor may be a coping strategy, but it's also really important to have fun. I went to the zoo this weekend and there was this gorgeous peacock. Yes, I know it's male, but nonetheless, I think my take on "Passion of Adornment" was carried a little too far by this here peacock. With not only the incredible natural colors and textures of his true self, and yes the fact that he's not afraid to show his feminine side, but wow, he wears Bonnin Designs jewelry too. Who woulda thought?
These are my new mini-postcards. They include discounts on the back. So if you happen to order from a fellow indie designer or if you order from me, you can have one of your very own.


carrie s. said...

It's so funny, when I originally saw the photo on LJ I thought he looked like a flamenco dancer! I'm glad you are using his likeness - and I'd love some of your promos!

Shari said...

That's so funny. I was trying to put earrings on him, but it didn't work, so I moved a flower up on his head. I didn't even realize that flamenco tie in. Way to notice Carrie.
As soon as they are printed and sent, I'll send them your way (I just ordered them today.) I need new ones from you too.