Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Foodie, I Am

I figure, since I am a total food/restaurant fanatic, I could use this blog as a platform to recommend restaurants, or not, recommend food, cooking ideas, and wine recommendations.

So here is the first entry:
Went to Joe's Crab Shack in Newport Beach on Sunday for a late lunch/early dinner. I have to say, I wanted to be impressed, but when the salad came with the Italian dressing I asked for and it tasted like bottled Wishbone dressing, that set the mood. The crab was crab. The coconut shrimp was yummy though with a fruity dip for it. Like a plum sauce almost. All in all, I won't go back. Wasn't that impressed that I need to return to wait for 30 min. at 2pm on a Sunday. Hey, crabs take a long time to eat. Hate to see how long a dinner crowd has to wait.

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